The story of one truck convoy from Manila to the Central Philippines where typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck continues to develop with further runs by the same groups, as previously reported here on Pressenza.

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Willa Tecson reports: Second Relief Trip, December 2 to December 8, 2013.

“The landscape is greener now and the people are starting to recover from their shock and tragedy. In the rural communities they have to begin planting rice and other crops – if they are to have a harvest season…they appreciated the seeds and the implements such as nails, hammers, saws, caldero, timber, of course aside from the food and fresh fruits given, as these simple aids helps inspire them to begin to walk the road to recovery…Bangon Ormoc!”

December 17, 2013 – Latest from Willa Tecson:

“We have ordered some boats with lambat (fishing nets) with whatever funds we still have for Barangay Tanauan in Tacloban. Currently working out with the local barangay officials the list of fishermen and recipients. We are thinking in terms of a co-operative relationship of 3 families per boat donation and this is currently being worked out. The boat is Pesos 5000 plus additional Pesos 2000 for the fishnet and other handling expenses, which comes to Pesos 7000 per boat. Donors can decide the color of the boat and boat name with simple logo. For Ang Komunidad and for Teatro Tomasino (University of Santo Tomas drama guild) these are how the boats will look (see photo above). We used Photoshop and sent designs to the boatmaker. If you are interested to partner with friends and neighbors or officemates, or your association, or as an individual donor, and want to donate a boat with lambat (fishing net), please contact us : Jojo Hubo email and Willa Tecson email: Willa Tecson (of Komunidad Para Sa Tao) says there is a video at Youtube for the Yolanda relief operations. A total of 8 communities were visited: Tanauan in Tacloban, and for Ormoc: Cacao, Coob, Ipil, Matica-a, Maitum, San Isidro, and Sarayao, headed by Mina Tecson. For Brgy. Bagong Buhay of Ormoc City, Niday Mayor left for Cebu City-Ormoc last December 12 to accompany the relief goods sent ahead last November 17 via air shipments. She will have stories when she gets back…meanwhile, we are canvassing prices for hammers, saws, banca (small native boats with oars), pedicabs, etc. which could help restore the livelihood of the fishermen in Tanauan in Tacloban.


Note on video – starts with first trip and moves to second, co-ordinated by Mina Tecson and runs into second trip, ending with sister Willa Tecson’s endeavours with colleagues, family and friends, all part of the Community (Komunidad Para Sa Tao) organisation.