NurPhoto’s photojournalist Ahmed Al-Fardan,  was arrested in the morning of December 26, 2013 by Bahrain police. The photojournalist was inside his house when Bahrain Special Security has broke into his home. The police confiscated computers and photographic equipment.


The government of Bahrain over the past few years has violently repressed photographers, journalists and bloggers documenting anti-government protests, becoming one of the harshest environments for the media in the Middle East. According to the website of Freedom House, in 2011, the government of Bahrain has used assassinations, harassment and attacks aimed to silence the local press. These tactics were also employed in 2012.


In August, Al-Fardan was arrested by two plainclothes police officers who, according to an interview with Al-Jazeera, was carried in the car and severely beaten.

The photographer, who has received more than 105 international awards photojournalistic, was documenting for NurPhoto the anti-government protests in the village of Abu Saiba (his photos at the following link:


According to the report by Reporters Without Borders, are four journalists arrested in Bahrain and which is in addition to Ahmed Al-Fardan are total of five. Journalists arrested because they are not terrorists but because they have a weapon called camera.