An International Conference on Orgonomy will be held next October 4-6, 2013 at the Hotel dei Congressi, Rome, Italy. The Conference is organized  by the Associazione Italiana di Orgonomia, and is focused on the science conceived and developed by Wilhelm Reich at the beginning of the last century. Fundamental assumption on which this new science is based is that all living beings, nature, and the cosmos is full of an energy, called by Reich orgone, with energetic and therapeutic properties that can be concentrated and used. Such assumption is in net contrast with that elaborated by Einstein, and presently followed by traditional science, that considers cosmos and nature completely devoided of a energetic component.


Both theoretical issues and field experiences will be considered and presented during the Conference. You will find psychiatric and biophysical orgone therapy, gentle support during pregnancy and birth, orgonomic sociology, cure of diseases (particularly cancer healing where, thanks to the clinical work of some European medical orgonomists, very good results were reached), atmospheric pulsation recovering and weather modification (cloudbusting) including results of some military applications of the technology, biophysical orgonometry, and biogenesis (bions and Reich blood test).
Some of the most important worldwide researchers and scientists on orgonomy will lecture, and with the participation of Renata Moise, Wilhelm Reich’s granddaughter. For the first time in Italy the movie by Antonin Svoboda The strange case of Wilhelm Reich, with Klaus Maria Brandauer as Reich, recently out on the life and work of Wilhelm Reich will be shown. Simultaneous translation between English and Italian, and viceversa, wil be available during the Conference.

Aims of the Italian Orgonomy Association, established din 2012, can be summarized as follows:

– planning of conferences, workshops, and seminars, to be held periodically, where the most up-to-date state of the art of the many branches of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonomy will be presented and discussed

– establishing of a centre for the study, implementation, and application of the issues related to the cure of diseases (including cancer biopathy) according to medical and biophysical orgone-therapy principles

– establishing of a centre for the study, implementation, and application of the issues related to the recovery of the natural pulsation of the atmosphere (cloudbusting)

– establishing of an eco-village where, with the help of parents, obstetricians, pedagogues, and physicians, all with orgonomy background, children can be grown-up until to genitality

– planning of basic and advanced courses on the most relevant issues to the Association work such as medical and biophysical orgone-therapy, bions and Reich blood test, orgone biophysics, oranur reaction,  and cloudbusting

The Associazione Italiana di Orgonomia has legal head office in Ragalna, via Rosario 9, 95030 Catania, Italy.

It can be contacted  by phone: 338-4921823 – or by e-mail: