On May 12, 2013, Nathan Blanc was sentenced to a tenth term, of 28 days in prison. He had been released from military prison on Sunday, May 5, 2013, after serving a 20-day term for refusing to serve in the Israeli Army.  So far he has been sentenced to a total of 178 days in prison (including the current sentence).

The time has come for a national and international campaign to FREE NATHAN BLANC!
We call groups and individuals in the Middle East and the world to do solidarity actions with Nathan – and to upload videos, photos and text reports about the actions on the wall here: www.facebook.com/Yesh.Gvul.1982

In explaining his decision Natan said:  “A long-term situation in which there are two national groups in one country, one with the right to vote, and one without, is immoral, in my opinion.   I feel that the IDF plays a central role in maintaining situation, and my conscience does not allow me to participate in this.”

In the picture – Nathan this week, holding photos from a solidarity action with him in Cairo, by Egyptian refuseniks.

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