Stop a nuclear holocaust

Again the world is on tenterhooks by the irrationality of belligerent states and their ruling classes so we humanists raise our voices yet again to condemn in the strongest terms those who despise life, or place life secondary to other values.

The locked-in situation offered by international politics today looms bleak. The United States of America with the countries of NATO form the greatest military force that is applying unilateral distortion in these political affairs and they need to understand what it means to the rest of us watching these great promoters of war under their varied pretexts.

The result has implications that go beyond any forecast.

Other major powers like Russia and China are not making efforts to realize peace and do not hesitate to sell weapons and give diplomatic support to those considered its allies and therefore, opponents of their enemies.

Finally, small states such as North Korea that favour the arms race and the prevalence of a military caste above the welfare of their people are making decisions that make it hard to go back on. Consequently, the imperial ambitions, the business of war and nationalist claims brings another result that puts us all in a situation of great distress and real danger and paralyzes the efforts to pursue development of the enormous potential of human life.

We call upon the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to return to the path of diplomacy despite provocations from the U.S.A. and the Republic of Korea. At the same time we urge the United States of America to cease and withdraw military maneuvers, bases and troops that threaten North Korea and Asia as a whole. Each country should take responsibility and cease their “war games”.

Humanists are convinced that the people’s patience has a limit and that humanity will not endure another holocaust. This is an opportunity for every citizen to become an actor, an agent, a protagonist of peace and devote their best efforts to clarify the legion of the clueless about the absolute inconvenience of war, the arms race and military spending. This is a global commitment, but more than governments of those who offer little-hope, it is the people mobilized by their best aspirations.

Our cry is for peace in the world, but it is not an order or a request: it is a commitment to action to which we must add all people of good will.

The International Humanist (International Federation of Humanist Parties)