H.E. Olga Kefalogianni, Greek Minister of Tourism, confirms strongly to support the Games in the Delphic region

From 23rd to 28th September 2013 arts and cultures from all over the world will meet in Delphi to hold the IV Delphic Games. In the region of Delphi they had been held over a period of 1000 Years in ancient times. Now they are coming back to their origin.
Minister Kefalogianni granted her “official support from the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism for the IV DELPHIC GAMES 2013” in a letter to The International Delphic Council (IDC) on 20th of February this year. It says that the IDC organizes the IV Delphic Games 2013 in Athens and Delphi, including the areas of Arachova, Parnassos, Itea, and Galaxidi. In her letter the Minister expects the Delphic Games “to promote arts and cultures from all over the world, with a view to strengthening Greece’s identity inside and outside the country”

On 7th of March she visited the IDC at their booth on ITB Berlin to reconfirm her willingness to support the Delphic Games this year.

“It’s one of the best messages Greece can convey to the world this year that the Delphic Games arrived to where they were born.”, she said in a talk with Secretary General J. Christian B. Kirsch. And she added: “Greece has such a long history, Greece is the cradle of civilization. And this is why it is so important for us to be hosting the Delphic Games this year.”

Now the IDC sends a strong appeal to their members and supporters to show the world the strength, multitude and quality of the Delphic Games.

“Choose your best artists and performers to share cultures in Delphi!”