Good planning is one of the main reasons for success of the Ecuadorian Government in its six years in office.

To continue on this road of improvement in quality of life for Ecuadorian families, the Ministry of Planning and Development is putting together a new National Good Living Plan for the period of 2013 to 2017.

The obligation for the State to plan the country’s development is written into the 2008 constitution, when Ecuadorians democratically chose the horizon of Good Living. The great challenges of the new National Good Living Plan are; to eradicate poverty, to change the productive matrix (transforming the means of production and consumption), to move towards a society of justice and solidarity and to transform the State.

The Ministry says that it will continue its efforts to reduce inequality by deepening, for example, the education revolution in all levels. Special attention will be given to a child’s first years which are essential for an integral infant development. A diversity of knowledge will be promoted for every human being so that they may enjoy a full life.

A State which is closer to the citizenry will be consolidated in the coming four years. There will be new and powerful micro-planning through zones, districts and circuits in order to achieve more and better public services in every corner of the country, according to the ministry.

For the Minister, Fander Falconí, the challenge for the new Plan will be to “irradiate the government’s achievments in the Citizens Revolution and consolidate the leading role of Ecuador as a reference in continental planning.”

National planning is the responsibility of central government and is exercised through the National Development Plan (Good Living), according to the Organ of Planning and Public Finance code. Since 2007, this instrument has been developed by the Ministry.