While it is the US of A that appears as the most ‘belligerent’ in the current Korea’s crisis – if this is not too weak a term for practices and thus threats of a nuclear attack – questions need to be asked, is it the government of a people that is so disposed or is it, as in the case of oil in the Middle East – the all powerful multinationals pushing that agenda for reasons beyond those of State, or the American People!

Do those wheeler-dealers fear a rise of the DPRK into economic fullness because they note what the more democratic South has achieved even in its limited freedoms, beating the Brits in shipbuilding years ago and recently beating Japan in electronics and commandeering the Asian media with soap operas, movies and rock – Gangnan Style.

The wages in North Korea can even underbid those in Bangladesh and Cambodia so, with stability and development in the north, factories would sprout like mushrooms and business and investment money would flow in and products flow out. China would lose its buffer zone against the encroaching USA and have serious competition for its cheap goods circulating in its new empires.

A united Korea is the only real solution to the problem on a worldwide basis. That Korea would throw out the US troops – and this stands as a pre-condition of any future political move. The lady president in the south needs to take her government into a track of reconciliation with the North – as begun by previous presidents but those efforts were undermined.

An independent Korea would align itself with such as ASEAN and regional trade blocs and the USA would have its Asian Tiger tail tweaked making it retreat from its so-styled ‘pivot’ engagements in this area, proposed to thwart Chinese interests.

This old cold-war mentality must be nulled. The way of illegal-under-international-law economic sanctions must cease – also in the case of Iran – because the UN operates under such international laws but UN resolutions, even by the security council, do not have primacy over international law.

In his new year’s speech, young Kim Yong-Un explained that the DPRK would open its economy for Asian as well as European partners, including South Korea, Japan and Germany. Who is really listening and giving the fellow credit and which group is ridiculing this new-boy-on-the-bloc’s message – and why?

A new war front could rescue the USA and Europe from their serious economic problems but would set the evolution of the human race back enormously, and likely erase us. The fat-cats are the only ones to gain and that gain is not only for the now famous ‘one percent’ but very short lived.