Protests Continue Against GE-Hitachi – Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant close to downtown Toronto.

(photo shows of Robert Del Tredici (left) and Zach Ruiter (right) in front of train that was stopped by protesters in Toronto on Sunday February 3, 2013.

The protesters are calling for the permanent shutdown of a GE-Hitachi Nuclear Fuel Fabrication

Plant located in a largely residential area of Toronto on Lansdowne Avenue. The area was originally zoned for industry but over the intervening decades more and more residential housing has been built, some of it right across the street from the Fuel Fabrication Plant.

Here is a link to a video (over two hours long!) of a very lively community meeting held on December 8 2012 involving officials from GE-Hitachi and from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (SNSC) as well as Dr. Gordon Edwards of CCNR (by Skype) and other reps from NGOs, hosted by the local Member of Parliament Andrew Cash.