There was respectful silence and then we heard those ancient harmonies of dancing spheres.

Once upon a time in a distant land illuminated by a nicely round star and fed by the crystalline and round water droplets of Mount Aconcagua an arrival took place. The dancing spheres of Mr. Pythagoras were humming melodiously and a modest man was born. The present western calendar marks this arrival as January 6 th, 1938.

I feel a profound joy and gratitude to have met and experienced such a human being many years later. I met him 32 years later in January 1970 just at the other side of Mount Aconcagua. I saw him picking and fully enjoying a large, juicy, ripe and very orange apricot. At the time I thought how could such a great sage who had spoken to the stones and to the world just the previous year could now simply and without inhibitions enjoy a roundish fruit of the Andes foothills? I was very fortunate to have finally met and experienced Silo (Mario Luis Rodriguez Cobos).

Dear Master, I’ve heard that it took you a while to find your harmonious voice but when the words were released you could already describe the Magician’s trick. Not much later you firmly demanded that the Universe wake up. Those are big words indeed!. It is said that way back you intimated that at the end of these inhuman times the old and decaying archetypes would be the Soldier and the Magician. How prophetic considering that my present time and space is filled with violence and insinuating things.

You not only spoke to the stones but to the whole of humanity on that glorious day May 4th, 1969 in a location not far from your place of arrival. Those moving and thought producing words laid the foundations for the Healing of Suffering, that ancient scourge of Humanity. Yours words were “a small harangue for a man but a giant leap towards the Universal Human Nation”. I’ve heard that later that year and for a humble instant you kept your words while observing Earth’s majestic companion sphere where Mr. Armstrong was taking his very own small steps on behalf on an enthralled humanity.

As they say the rest is history, an immense amount of accumulated history and your wise words continue with us in this time and space as a “gentle, joyful and profound Message”. Myself, I can only find enough words to tell you “Thanks Silo”