Syrian International Conference: Geneva Declaration

31.01.2013 - Pressenza IPA

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Syrian International Conference: Geneva Declaration

The “Syrian International Conference For A Democratic Syria and A Civilian State” will take place in Geneva, on Monday and Tuesday, 28th and 29th January, 2013. The Conference aims to promote and encourage a real dialogue between the Syrian democratic opposition structures in an open dialogue about the consequences of violence, the sectarian risks and the future of the democratic project. It will encourage cooperation, coordination and synergies between political parties, civil society and social movements inside Syria, and advance work towards a realistic transitional program, for a civilian and democratic State in Syria. The conference ends with this declaration:

Geneva Declaration
Proceeding from a deep belief in the necessity to protect Syria’s land and people, and in the face of the risk of destruction of national unity resulting from a corrupt dictatorial regime over several decades, the democratic national figures and organisations at this meeting commit to rescue Syria from a catastrophic situation, and put it on a safe path through the unification of societal forces based on democracy, pluralism and equality, gaining the support of all international and Arab external forces for the righteous demand of the Syrian people in toppling the dictatorial regime, and the establishment of a civil democratic State proceeding from the following tasks:
1. Consider the International Geneva Agreement as a valid basis for implementation, and first and foremost to simultaneously stop the violence.
2. To work on the establishment of a political process though negotiations between the opposition and the regime to implement the International Geneva Agreement, for issuing a constitutional declaration to create on this basis a Government with full power to administrate this stage, and work to bring about fair legislature and Presidential elections, under international supervision.
3. To convene the International Geneva Conference 2, which takes into consideration developments on the ground and requirements on the one hand, with the presence of a binding mechanism on the result of negotiation, from the Security Council under Chapter VI on the other hand.
4. To carry out immediate humanitarian relief, to work towards the return to normal life for all Syrian refugees and displaced people and to return them to secure proper accommodation in the country, to treat the injured and compensate those affected, to re-build educational and health institutions, and to begin reconstruction.
5. Commitment to the unity of the Syrian people and land, the full equality of all Syrians, establishing a political system with respect for human rights and peoples and public freedoms on the basis of international Conventions, and access to a modern and contemporary society, a society of equal citizenship.
6. In order to activate the agreement, those gathered agreed on the formation of two committees:
A – a Committee tasked with the creation of the Civil Democratic Pole in Syria to communicate with Syrian opposition forces in all its spectra;
B – a Committee tasked with communication and coordination with the international community and global civil society, in helping to achieve the objectives of the Syrian revolution in freedom, dignity and full sovereignty.
29 January 2013
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