Yesterday while waiting for the bus with my youngest daughter we were hit by a Polar Front affecting these northern lands. In spite of being -20C (with a wind chill factor of -29C) a gorgeous sunrise was beginning to open up full of multiple hues ranging from pink, light blue, yellow, white and other colours more difficult to register with the human eye. I thought of all those new experimentalh therapies that are based on exposure to light to shed away many mental diseases even some associated to Criminal Behaviours.

As we waited with the other usual riders from the neighbourhood and as is common when facing this sort of “weather calamity” we were all chatting and smiling in the way people come and huddle together in these types of situations. It was counter-intuitive to experience this cold snap since due to the 23.4 degree axial tilt of the Earth with respect to the sun the Northern Hemisphere is right now actually closer to the Sun than the sunny and warm Southern Hemisphere. I had heard in the news that Canada had recorded the top two spots for coldest measured temperatures in the world, as of 6 a.m. ET Wednesday January 23rd, 2013 it was a cool minus 43.1 C in Little Chicago, North West Territories. Rouyn Airport in Quebec recording a distant second at minus 40.3 C. Yakutsk, Russia, recording a mere minus 38.8 C. I felt this strange satisfaction in Canada winning the Gold and Silver medals in the unofficial “Frost Olympiads”. And I guess you’ll excuse me for having a mild case of “Canadian Chauvinism”. It’s just that it wasn’t going to be the only time yesterday I was going to feel moved…

The bus carrying the good people to work or school was taking longer than usual and eventually we saw it slowly crawling up our road behind the truck that collects and discards the organic and inorganic waste. By now the sun was shedding its first rays on the road and I began to wonder on the allegorical implications of that sight in terms of what’s happening in Europe right now under the torch lights of so many good people exposing on a daily basis more and more criminal acts of Economic Violence and how at one point we’ll gently dispose of what remains of an inhuman and dated economic system.

Once again I felt a mild case of “Canadian Chauvinism” upon remembering that small but stubborn group of Canadian Jews who some years back opened a crack in the doors of the Violent Swiss Banking System. Humanity should be appropriately grateful to those pioneers in spite of the political or religious factions we may find ourselves in. They lit the first candle in our collective Menorah and now it’s up to all of us to accept their gentle invitation to light more candles and continue illuminating the darkest of the Banking dungeons where the common wealth of Humanity is wasting away. As is common when dealing with this type of “economic calamity” we’re all coming and huddling together.

There is a growing process of illuminating the criminal behaviours of many industrialists, dictators, business people, politicians and religious leaders. The loot from so many European countries is slowly being discovered by the good people and I wonder if Anthropologists are also beginning to call it one of the largest criminal scenes on European soil since the “scene of mass murder “ that was the Second World War. It’s the “Great Robbery” and I’ve run out of superlatives but perhaps “Grand or Inconceivable Theft” would better fit the bill. The loot generally is being found in the Banks of that idyllic Mountainous land of Switzerland and also in those “tax heavens” such as that idyllic Caribbean Island, the Cayman Islands. I hope very soon in other places around the world where the proceeds from violent Criminal Enterprise are being hidden from the rest of us.

Lately even the Catacombs under Vatican City (as an investigation is under way according to the Guardian newspaper) are being illuminated to reveal monies given to the religious leaders whose remains are resting there by none other than Mr. Mussolini. Loot that has been growing in value since World War II that even the present inhabitant of St. Peter’s throne Herr Pope John Paul II obfuscates to give up to the hands of the good people.

There is a saying that barely clings to validity nowadays. It feels as though there is “plenty new under the sun”. And going back to the beginning of this note we could say that this nearby star releases light and it reaches us in 8 minutes and 20 seconds as my other daughter reminded yesterday morning. The light we’re shining on all these Criminals is growing and accelerating.

I thought of that powerful source of light and heat coming from the sun. Yellow light of 5800 Angstroms, for example, generally emanates from material of about 5700 degrees C at the surface of the sun. Extreme ultraviolet light of 94 Angstroms, on the other hand, comes from atoms that are about 6,300,000 degrees C the product of solar flares. Although this powerful light is feeble compared to that brief pulse of light emitted (according to the good investigators) by a Gamma Ray Burst in a faraway star system at some point in the VIII Century. Since yellow is the brightest wavelength from the sun, that is the color we see with our human eyes and when all the visible colors are summed together, scientists call this “white light.”

We need to illuminate every single “tax heaven” and retrieve the wealth accumulated by the labour of countless generations of good people.

We’re witnessing the hoped for fall and passing of an inhuman, violent and primitive world and hopefully we can gently usher this new Humanity. We need to undertake this burial with the outmost respect for human beings and always through Non-Violent means. We’re setting a new peaceful condition for the arrival of that truly Universal Human Nation. The gentle future is almost here!