According to the ancient Mayan civilisation, December 21, 2012, represents the end of a cycle in the Mayan long count calendar that begins in the year 3114 BC. It is the completion of 5,200 years counted in 13 baak t’uunes, a unit of time. One baak t’uune is equivalent to 144,000 days, or roughly 400 years. Doomsday believers expect a cataclysmic event to occur that day and end the world. Not so says Peter Cragg, a Hong Kong-based numerologist.

“Doomsday date not end of world,” Mr Cragg told the South China Morning Post, 10 December 2012. “The ‘doomsday’ scenario that cynics connect with the Mayan calendar and December 21 signals not the end of the world but the start of a new era for humanity.”

Cragg has studied numerology and the esoteric for two decades, at both the Theosophical Society and the College of Psychic Studies in London, and he has practised in Hong Kong for 15 years. The word “esoteric” refers to hidden knowledge.

For Mr Graggs the Mayans were an advanced civilisation and brilliant mathematicians, which explains why they could build such magnificent monuments and pyramids.

Craggs points out the date 21-12-2012 reduces to a “master number” – the number of illumination. “It is especially connected to the sixth sense, intuition. This ability gives the gift of insight, wisdom and perception that goes well beyond the five human senses.”

This number suggested it was time for a fresh start for humanity, “aligning and connecting to its divine origins”; and Craggs also pointed out that people have free will and expressed the hope that Mankind makes wise choices.

In Hong Kong the response of commercial establishments such as Aqua Restaurant on Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui is to offer a six-course “End of the World” meal on the day at HK$2,112 per person. But guests will pay the high price only if the world does not end – if the planet looks like it is on the way out the restaurant will pick up the tab. The “final dessert” will be chocolate mousse garnished with 24-carat gold. On the same night visitors to Hong Kong’s entertainment district Lan Kwai Fong can pop into bars Fly, Volar, Lily or Socialito to pick up a doomsday survival kit!

Far from the palliatives though is Evo Morales From Bolivia, the First Head of State who officially acknowledges December 21, 2012 as the Day of Ascension and the Beginning of the New Age – among other issues such as change at the UN, that the Malvinas belong to Argentina, continuing blockade of Cuba by the USA, and the loss of the only sea access for Bolivia, taken by Chile.

“According to the Mayan Calendar the 21st of December marks the end of the time and the beginning of no-time,” said Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, at the UN General Assembly 67th Session – September 26, 2012.

Excerpts from his inspiring speech in a translation of the Spanish has Mr Morales saying: “Natural resources like oil and gas, are they public or private?…My recommendation brothers and sisters is nationalized recovery of natural resources. Natural resources cannot belong to the transnational corporations – they belong to the people of the world under state administration. We have to guarantee basic services as basic human rights – they cannot be in private hands – it is a task for the State. Light, water, electricity, communications – we nationalized them and made them accessible human rights. It is so important that these basic services be human rights…

“I wish to invite you to an international meeting on 21st of December this year. An invitation to receive the new cycle, a cycle of harmony of mother earth. It would take too long to tell you about the knowledge of our indigenous brothers in the regions of Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador, but we are issuing this invitation to hold a virtual debate and also in person on the following topics:

1. Global crisis of capitalism;
2. Crisis of civilization – world government, capitalism, socialism, community,
culture of life;
3. Climate crisis – relationship of the human being with nature;
4. Energy – community energy – energy of change;
5. Awareness of Mother Earth;
6. Recovery of ancestral customs…, the natural cosmic calendar;
7. Living well as a solution to the global crisis because we affirm once again that to live better, means not plundering our natural resources. This is a profound debate that I would like to have with the rest of the world.
8. Food sovereignty – security with food sovereignty;
9. Integration, brotherhood, community, economy, complementarity- right to communication [unrestricted Internet], community learning, the new human being, the holistic approach, the end of patriarchy, self knowledge, awakening, and of course health – which is so important.

“And I would like to say that according to the Mayan Calendar the 21st of December marks the end of the time and the beginning of no-time. It is the end of the Macha and the beginning of the Pacha. It is the end of selfishness and the start of brotherhood. It is the end of individualism and the beginning of collectivism… the 21st of December this year.

“The scientists know very well that this juncture marks the end of anthropocentric life and the beginning of a bio-centric life. It is the end of hatred and the beginning of love. The end of lies and the beginning of truth. It is the end of sadness and the beginning of joy. It is the end of division and the beginning of unity. This is a theme to be developed, and that is why… we invite you, those who bet on mankind; we invite those who want to share their anecdotes for the good of mankind…

“We have an obligation as delegates… we have to think about how to shoulder the responsibilities and this means… putting an end to powers – we are not at a time of continuing to praise the powers. We are at the time of people, at a time to free people, to constantly look for economic and social equality among all persons. This is the time to bring dignity to all Earth’s inhabitants…

“I wish to commend statements which question interventionism – with military bases and troops. There will only be social peace when we change these economic policies and put an end to military bases and interventionism. My respect goes to those who resist the military intervention of powers. That is not a solution, that is something we have learned. That is why we hope that these debates will serve to think about life and about humanity.”