Between the 20th and 22nd of December 2012 the Third Humanist Forum of West Africa is taking place in Lomé, Togo.

This forum has the aim to contribute to the creation of a new generation of Africans with solidarity who respect and apply Human Rights to install a participative democracy in order to fight against poverty, unemployment and hunger in Africa.

The chosen theme, “Peace and Reconciliation in Africa” aims to show how social contradiction is a product of the violence that is administered while a minority of the population enjoys the greater part of the social wealth.

Other themes to be discussed are:

  • Democracy and Human Rights in Africa.
  • Food policy in Africa: what strategy to adopt?
  • Education for Nonviolence: what are the challenges?
  • The problem of youth employment in Africa.
  • The environment and Human Rights
  • The consolidation of peace and the resolution of electoral problems in Africa
  • The Human Being as the central value and concern.

For more information about the organisation of the Forum contact the organisers on

Contacts: (00228) 22 34 42 21 // 98 21 56 41 // 91 74 33 34,Lomé, Togo.

For more information: