“Such abuses aimed at stiflinJenin g the Palestinian media must cease,” the press freedom organization said.

“This is the third time since the start of 2012 that the Israeli authorities have victimized a Palestinian media organization. We call for the immediate release of Baha Mousa and the return of all confiscated equipment, especially since the raid, carried out in territory under Palestinians administration, is illegal under international law.”

Israeli forces raided Mousa’s home in the village of Marka south of in the early hours of 17 May. Without explanation, they arrested the director and searched his house, seizing his professional equipment. Mousa is reported to be detained in the al-Jalama interrogation centre near Haifa.

The station, launched on 1 April, is devoted to news about Palestinian prisoners and their families and also broadcasts cultural programs. It is privately funded and is not affiliated to any political organization.

On 2 April, Israeli security forces raided a Palestinian radio, television and online media network set up by Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem.

Dozens of Israeli police officers invaded the offices of the media centre in the Al-Khaldyeh district of East Jerusalem. The network was part of the university’s Institute of Modern Media, and comprised the radio station Houna Al-Quds and a news agency with the same name. They were ordered to close and some of their equipment was seized.

On 29 February, Israeli troops raided two Palestinian TV stations, Al-Watan and Al-Quds Educational TV, in the West Bank city of Ramallah which is under Palestinian Authority control. Both stations were forced off the air as a result.