According to the Associated Press, at least half a dozen journalists were arrested during the operation, adding to the already long list of media freedom violations that have been reported since the start of the Occupy movement [http://en.rsf.org/united-states-absurd-charges-brought-against-09-11-2011,41370.html](http://en.rsf.org/united-states-absurd-charges-brought-against-09-11-2011,41370.html).

Those detained including two AP journalists, reporter **Karen Matthews** and photographer **Seth Wenig**, who were held for four hours, **Matthew Lysiak** of the Daily News, and **Julie Walker**, a freelancer who works part-time for the AP. Although Walker told police she was a reporter, she was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

**Doug Higginbotham**, a freelance video reporter working for TV New Zealand, was arrested later yesterday as he was trying to cover the return of the protesters to the park. He said the police handcuffed him and took his press ID.

“The Occupy Wall Street movement is a subject of major public interest and coverage of it should not be restricted in any way,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Freedom of expression and information is guaranteed by the US Constitution’s First Amendment, a pillar of US democracy that is being flouted by the police.

“We against call for the withdrawal of all the charges that have been brought against detained reporters in New York and elsewhere, both the professional journalists and reporters who are members of the Occupy movement.”