The number are just getting in, but people are already saying 20,000 marchers showed up and waited for hours before being able to walk along Broadway in a tiny corridor created by the NYPD. One thing was very clear, it was not your usual Union walk, it was not a walk with a clear claim and one slogan. It was instead a walk with a new spirit and an incredible diversity. It was a walk of the people who wanted to be part of the wave of aspiration that wants something with another dimension – with new values. It was a march for economic justice, for nonviolence, a march against greed, concentration of power and manipulations. PSC had the red signs saying *”We Support You,”* UAW has the slogan *”We are the 99%,”* and the Humanist Party marched with the slogan *”Main Street is Restructuring Wall Street.”*

Nicole Myers from Silo’s Message said, *”It’s been a long time since I saw people talking together and getting along in New York City like that. This is great.”*

In less the 20 days, the Occupy Wall Street people have developed a new style of doing things and are getting very efficient about it. Getting the support of over 40 unions, political parties and hundreds of organizations is not simple! They got Michael Moore, who was marching with the actor Tim Robbins, and got interviewed left and right (NBC, CNN). In the preceding days, everyone who’s anyone in NYC passed by Liberty Plaza – including Cornel West, Susan Sarandon, Jimmy McMillan from the *‘Rent Is Too Damn High Party’* and Medea Benjamin from Code Pink. This is indeed the new place to be!

Arun Gupta with Aljazeera synthesized it very well, when he said on Twitter: #OccupyWallStreet protest is *”nucleus of a revolt that could shake America’s power structure”*

The Occupy Wall Street campaign began Saturday, September 17th, when around 1,000 individuals rallied in Manhattan’s Financial District. Now, the campaign has spread to 66 cities in the US. The campaign was initiated with the help of the some Spaniards who had learnt some very important lessons during their months of experience at *”Plaza Puerta del Sol”* in Madrid with the M15 movement. The next step for the now international movement (#globalchange) is on October 15, when protestors in 308 cities in more than 40 countries all around the world will take to the streets and the squares, demanding a change in the status quo. More at [](