Research about conscience inspired by shamanism and buddhism is presented at USP

14.05.2011 - Sao Paulo - Pressenza IPA

Open to the public, the event brought together more than 100 people, including students, teachers of the university and interested in the subject.

Performed from the perspective of the work of the School and with the conceptual apparatus of Psychology Siloista, this research was developed in the period of March to December of 2010 in UlanBator (Mongolia), St. Petersburg, and Ulan-Edu (Russia), and attempted to get to know the manifestations of consciousness awakened in siberian shamanism-mongolian and tibetan buddhism, in addition to monitor the procedures used to reach such states.

Through interviews, filming and photographic records, Hugo followed the traces of an ancient spirituality and documented as it remained alive in certain regions of Central Asia and Siberia.

In the course of study, the researcher went through numerous shamanic centers and buddhist monasteries and found the young people’s search by contact with the deep and the way such currents (shamanic and buddhists) found to adapt to the current moment. For more informations, check out the full research: [](

Categories: Culture and Media, South America


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