Holding signs that read *“1.3 million taxpaying New Yorkers are denied the right to vote in city elections,”* and *“All residents could vote for 150 years of US history,”* they came to draw public attention to the fact that, as one young woman holding a sign shared with the crowd, *“one out of every five New Yorkers has no voice in the decision-making process that affects their daily lives.”*

Chair of the City Council Immigration Committee, Daniel Dromm (D-25), a strong supporter of the campaign, came to share the news that the legislation for this issue is ready to be introduced. Dromm will be the main sponsor of the bill as it makes its way through the Council’s legislative process. Says Dromm, *“It is time for our evolving democracy to embrace voting rights in local elections for all residents. We are all stakeholders in our community and should have a say in important local issues. In the words of the Revolutionary patriots who put their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy today, ‘No taxation without representation.”*

*“When only half of the people in some neighborhoods are allowed to make decisions for the entire community, our democratic process is in crisis,”* explains coalition member Irma Rodriguez, Executive Director of Queens Community House, a community-based nonprofit organization that serves 30,000 Queens residents each year, many of whom are immigrants and first generation Americans. *“Immigrants pay more than $18.2 billion dollars a year in New York State income taxes. They are not only daily users of public transportation, schools, and hospitals, they provide a significant portion of the funding for those institutions._”*

*“Join with us,”* urged coalition member George Onuorah. *“Speak with your City Council members and encourage them to support this legislation.”* David Andersson with the Humanist Party and coordinator of the Coalition concluded by saying *“tomorrow, 1.3 million New Yorkers will be voiceless during this election but legal residents will be able to vote soon in local election. Continue the fight against discrimination.”*