It comprised three teams: CEFA Milk Factory, ACRA Team and the Njombe district Authority Staff Team.

CEFA beat ACRA in the penalties 3-2 after 1-1 draw, and CEFA again beat the district authority Team 3-2 in the penalties after 1-1 draw; so CEFA Team carried the trophy (in form of a dairy cow) which had the words Kombe Lingine La Dunia inscribed on it.

The attendance included VIPs from Njombe includind Director of sports, school and children, staff of the two organizations and the local community.

Dominic on the behalf of Altrimondiali addressed the participants describing the objectives of the Matatu Team.

The winner team, CEFA, received Altrimondiali t-shirts and a ball. The speaker applauded the importance of the project.

The day was really interesting and satisfactory as far as the objectives of Altrimondiali are concerned.