But there is something long-lasting, a feeling of ‘perpetuity’… This feeling has given a new dimension to the way I perceive the world. Everything is gentler; things I touch, people I meet, the way I live, even things that bother me. Things that used to exasperate me, fail to touch me now and I feel like a spectator watching life here and there – at a bus stop, at the front door, at the supermarket check-out or on television. Behind the conflicts, disagreements and arguments that we cause, I see little more than puppets (me included) convinced that we are free and conscious, conditioned by our education and beliefs. But what delights and enchants me is that behind these puppets, I see the man-god who, at the expense of long and painful battles over the course of centuries, is born and is gradually blossoming inside. Once we see this sublime part of humanity, behind the concealed illusions and tendency to identify ourselves with anything and everything, nothing will scare us, nothing can prevent us from being what we already are. Doubts will blur, leaving way for trust and joy. I’m telling you: once we realise that we act for 90% of our time and that behind the drama hides the ultimate truth, we feel so much more free and light. We will observe events with tenderness and detachment, with much more humour even!

The World March has given me what I was searching for: love and respect for my fellow citizens (even for myself!). I felt the pulse of humanity during the March, and I feel so reassured. Despite numerous obstacles we must still face – more wars and more pandemics fabricated by the media and its puppeteers – I am full of faith in our future and our ability to remain standing. But to stay standing, we must first get up … So, dear readers, dear friends and allies, let’s get up, let’s reclaim our power and make the changes we want to see.

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence doesn’t end in Punta de Vacas. My steps continue to tread the ground of peace, right beside yours, because we are one of millions heading in the same direction. The days our paths meet is the day angels can stop working!

*(Translated by Heather Armitage)*