From the first hour of the morning, Colombia’s national television channels were announcing the arrival of the World March to the South American continent, while the city of Bogota was waking up to this event.

Towards midday members of the international team were welcomed at the airport with dance, music and a lot of human warmth including the Mayor of Bogota greeting Rafael de la Rubia upon his arrival in Colombia.

Immediately after landing, the team of marchers were taken to the Municipality of Bogota’s headquarters, where the Mayor and his wife welcomed Rafael de la Rubia and Tomás Hirsch with affectionate words of appreciation in acknowledging the task of raising awareness of the need for peace and non violence.

Rafael de la Rubia replied by recounting the journey, culminating on this South American continent, where the feat of this global march is two weeks from coming to an end.

Tomás Hirsch, spokesperson from Humanism for Latin America, pointed out that Bogota calls for the rejection of the installation of American bases in Colombia and any kind of subsequent militarization. The Mayor replied, “On the contrary we have to progress urgently towards disarmament, without accepting our continent as a site for American military bases”.

The great march will continue through the principal streets of Bogota today, led by its Mayor and members of the international team, ending with a massive concert which has assembled the best artists in the country.