The Base Team of the World March for Peace and Non-violence, in its journey through Costa Rica, would like to honor the esteemed former President Rodrigo Carazo, who guided with incredible dignity the fortune of this country from 1978 to 1982. His recent passing, due to a heart condition, prevents us from benefitting from his physical presence. We are unable to give him a warm embrace as we would all have liked to have done, but we know that his actions can never be stopped -that’s what he would have wanted- and that his spirit is still with us, with the World March for Peace, whose ideals he shared.

President Rodrigo Carazo was a defender of the national sovereignty of Costa Rica, an esteemed intellectual and an activist on behalf of the community and his people who he considered comrades. Carazo participated in the International Ethics in Knowledge Symposium in Punta de Vacas in 2008, where the World March was public launched. He was a persistent voice for national and international events of this splendid utopia that has been sojourning the world since October 2, 2009 and that will conclude in Punta de Vacas January 2, 2010.

Until his last moments, he was mindful of the national and international Agenda because he was one of the hosts of the Team that is now passing through the American Continent.

As defenders of Peace, his absence deeply wounds us but we know that, wherever he may be, he will continue to observe our steps toward achieving universal humanity as he had always proclaimed.

We would like for the World March, in its journey through Costa Rica, be named in honor of this illustrious citizen.

*(Translation provided by Iuslingua LLC)*