‘Convergence of Cultures’ (CoC), an organism of the Humanist Movement aimed at developing intercultural dialogue and action struggling for nonviolence and non-discrimination, is undertaking a global campaign to guarantee Haidar’s life and well being, and to shed light on the situation of the Western Saharan people.

Under the motto “Aminatau cannot die”, CoC has launched an online petition from the Canary Islands where Haidar is at this time. Humanist organisations from around the world are supporting this campaign, demanding that Spanish and Moroccan governments as well as the UN, pull their weight in order to make sure the human rights activist’s life is saved.

In a public statement, Sara Tajuelo, the spokeswoman for the Spanish branch of CoC stated, “As humanists we consider that nothing has a higher value than human life, not countries, not flags, not deities, nor economic interests can be put before human life. We express our support for this peaceful non-violent woman and we express solidarity with the claims and demands that she has made”.

“We demand,” Tajuelo stated, ”that the appropriate authorities urgently intervene, taking whatever measures be necessary to guarantee Aminatou Haidar’s life and well being, as well as allowing her to return home. We ask that they work towards enforcing the various UN resolutions on the conflict in the Western Sahara; that they commit themselves to action to end the systematic and ongoing violations of human rights, and that it be reflected in their national policies as well as in their bilateral and multilateral relationships”.

The spokeswoman finished by stating: “We demand that the Spanish government puts its highly publicised “dialogue of civilisations” into practice, starting by explicitly recognising and supporting the right of self determination for all peoples”.

For further information about the campaign: centrodelasculturas@hotmail.com

Translated by: Sirio Ibáñez López