Last November 10, humanist activists changed the names of several streets in Malaga. In answer to questions from Pressenza regarding the act, they commented: “It seemed incredible to us that, at this time in history, there are still streets with names of persons who used violence against other human beings. Such is the case of Carlos de Haya González, who bombed Malagan civilians and invented weapons to produce greater mortality, which weapons were later used by the Nazis in the 2nd World War or José Sanjurjo and Emilio Mola who started a war against the legitimate government democratically elected by the Spanish people, when they themselves had sworn to defend that government, causing together with others the greatest tragedy in the recent history of our country. This is an example of the violence that reigns in our society, where tribute is given to those who are violent while the work of thousands of volunteers laboring for a world without violence is silenced.

Therefore, we decided to change the name of such streets to those of persons who, by contrast, demonstrated and demonstrate the practice of Non-violence. Such is the case of Mahatma Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi or the generic “Non-violence Avenue”.

This action is an attempt to get the Malagan public to pay attention to the increase of violence of every type (physical, economic, racial, gender, psychological, religious and moral) as well as to invite them to become informed and participate in the first World March for Peace and Non-violence in the history of the human race, which commenced in Wellington, New Zealand last October 2 and will end in Punta de Vacas, Argentina next January 2 and will pass through Malaga next Sunday, November 15”.

*(Translated by Iuslingua LLC)*