In Stockholm, for the third time on its journey, the delegates of the World March have been welcomed by members of a National Parliament. Per Bolund, member of the Green Party, declared “by passing through Sweden the World March has given us the real push to work on the theme of peace and nonviolence in our Parliament”. Anita Broden, representative of the Liberal Party admitted that “if our country has promoted peace and neutrality over 200 years, it is also the largest per capita exporter of weapons in the world”. She added that *“everybody should do everything they can to change this situation”*.

Rafael de la Rubia declared that, *“unfortunately politicians will not promote changes without popular pressure. In this context, the World March aims to be a concrete representation of the will of the people.”*

In addition, the Costa Rican parliamentarian, Alexander Mora provided evidence of a country that 60 years ago renounced their army and utilised those resources to promote peace and wealth for its people.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the base team participated in a very nice public march in the heart of the capital.

High resolution video:
[Video Swedish Parliament](;sa=downfile;id=652)

*English translation by Andrea Rusca*