Students from 8 colleges convened at St. Thomas School, directed by Rev. Dr. Debassey to ask questions of the team. After a press conference, a town hall meeting was hosted by the president of the Trichur library, which was founded in 1873 and houses over 200,000 books.

The march, initiated by World Without Wars, an international organization launched by the Humanist Movement ,which works for pacifism and non-violence, began on October 2nd at the statue of Gandhi in Wellington, New Zealand. This date, Gandhi’s birthday, is observed every year as the International Day of Non-Violence by the United Nations. The team, now en route to Seoul, Korea, arrived in Trichur via Kathmandu and New Delhi. The 3 month march will conclude in Argentina in January after visiting over 300 cities in 100 countries. Activists in nearly 3000 organizations will take part in the 116,000 kilometer march with more than a million participants.

Montserrate Ponsa of Spain said, “The main objective of the march is to give voice to the majority of world citizens who want peace. The peace march is against all forms of violence, including military, economic, racial, religious, and sexual violence.”

“We can end world hunger if we spend just 10 percent of the arms budget to provide food for the poor,” stated Charles Lasater of California. All called for the complete eradication of nuclear weapons and reduction of conventional arms.

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