Gorbachev congratulations to Obama’s Nobel

20.10.2009 - Moscu - Pressenza IPA

Dear Mr. President,

I congratulate you on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I am convinced that it is the right decision, which significantly reinforces our family of Nobel laureates. Your efforts have helped to bring about a significant change in the international climate. I feel close affinity to your vision of the global world and of relations among nations. Implementing it will require strong will, statesmanship and mastery of communication. It will also require support from Americans and from men and women of good will throughout the world.

The decision of the Nobel Committee is a recognition of the significant role the United States of America plays in world affairs and of the hopes people are placing in the United States President. Therefore your success, Mr. President, is in the interest of all those who want to see a secure and just peace in the XXI century.

I wish you success in the difficult and noble work that has now been recognized by such a high honor.

With warm personal regards,

Mikhail Gorbachev

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