The grandmother of the President of the United States of America over the weekend endorsed the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, an initiative of World without Wars and without Violence which is due to start on October 2nd 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand and will end in Argentina in January 2nd 2010. It is a March that would go across six continents including Africa.

Sarah welcomed the idea behind the March and prevailed upon others to support the initiative. She was talking to Rashid Miruka a member of the humanist movement.

She believes there will be no more nuclear bombing, no more territorial interference and all countries can access a ‘peaceful nuclear energy’. She shares the idea of her grandson who has initiated a path of dialogue and nuclear disarmament. She supports peace and nonviolence.

“The World March should involve the young, the old and even the orphans and should be a turning point to developing everyone,” she said.

She wishes everyone to “come together and take responsibility for transforming the world into a world without wars and a world with abundant openings of reconciliation and prosperity”.