Opening celebration for World March for Peace in Quinta Vergara

25.09.2009 - Viña del Mar - Redacción Chile

Mayor Virginia Reginato, along with the director of the Center for Humanist Studies, Jacqueline Pérez, heralded a call for one and all to take part in the festivities for the Global Day for Peace and Non-Violence and to celebrate the march which will commence in New Zealand on October 2nd.

The community leader explained that Viña del Mar will commemorate the occasion with an artistic and cultural event from 2pm to 6pm in the Quinta Vergara district.

The mayor added that the event will feature poets, singers, dancers, and of course the public: crowds are expected to stretch all the way to the Viña del Mar Amphitheater.

“We are an International City of Peace, appointed by the World Organization for Peace in 2007. We must show our support for this important event, which will span over 90 countries on five continents, finishing on January 2nd in Punta de Vacas, Argentina, at the foot of Mount Aconcagua. We hope everyone will come out to celebrate this real live peace party in our community which I invite everyone to attend, and we will send a message of peace to the world from Viña del Mar,” proclaimed the local leader.

In turn, Jacqueline Pérez said it was an honor for her to have Mayor Virginia Reginato’s participation in the event, which she will also attend and commemorate with a ceremony in the city, a symbolic location thanks to its role as International City of Peace.

The event will finish up in Chile on December 30th in Santiago, with a performance that will feature world-renowned artists like Juanes and others to be confirmed.

Source: Website of the Municipality of Viña del Mar, Chile

*(Translation provided by Patrick C. Yancey)*

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