OAS to Send Delegation to Honduras

04.08.2009 - Tegucigalpa - Democracy Now!

Cesar Caceres: “The last president of Honduras will not be allowed to assume the presidency, given that the mediation has been declared a failure. The option stemming from the negotiation will not be addressed again via dialogue if there continues to be the threat of organizing guerrillas from encampments in Nicaragua with the support of Mr. Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, and the People’s Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC).”

On Monday, pro-Zelaya supporters gathered to mourn a fellow supporter shot during a protest last week.

Israel Maya, the president of the Honduras Teachers’ Association: “As the educators of the country, we would like to officially register our protest, because we do not want the coup d’etat to continue. We want the government to be reinstituted and that President Zelaya return as the true president who we chose at the voting booth.”

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