![image](http://www.umanista.org/agencia/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/lmp_hp_klub.jpg)Budapest, June 10th, 2009
The European Parliament elections reshaped the political landscape in Hungary. The mainstream parties’ results were as expected: the governing socialists got less than 18% of the votes, the moderate right-wing Fidesz won decisively, with over 56%. Surprises came from elsewhere: almost 15% votes to the anti-Semitic, racist, far-right Jobbik sent shockwaves through society. At the same time, a new political alliance of two parties, Politics Can Be Different and Humanist Party (LMP-HP) received 2,6% of the votes.
The LMP-HP alliance campaigned on the defense of social rights on a European level, real democracy, reform of the agricultural policy of the EU, as well as highlighting issues of peace and non-violence.
Their result was insufficient for a mandate, but it was enough to defeat the historic liberal party SZDSZ, which gained just over 2,1% of the vote.
With over 75 000 votes going to LMP-HP it became clear, that there is a new green/humanist alternative gaining strength in Hungary. “It is time for a non-violent, constructive rebellion. This result shows us that we have not only an opportunity to construct an alternative, but a responsibility to do so.” – said Tibor Varady, president of the Hungarian Humanist Party on the high-spirited election night.