“Our Goal is to Create the Greatest Demonstration in History in Favor of Peace and Nonviolence”

13.05.2009 - Madrid - Pressenza IPA

Pressenza, Madrid, May 13, 2009. Today, the humanist organization called World Without Wars gave a national presentation of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence at the Madrid Press Agency. Over a hundred people from distinct fields, disciplines, and strata gathered to show their support for this project, some of whom have been reporting on the most significant initiatives currently underway.

“Our goal is to create the greatest demonstration in history in favor of Peace and Nonviolence. We must mobilize!” said Rafael de la Rubia. “This march,” he continued, “will be formed by a huge variety of simultaneous initiatives taking place around the world from October 2nd, 2009 to January 2nd, 2010, demanding: the dismantling of nuclear arsenals, the withdrawal of all troops from invaded territories, the signing of non-aggression treaties between countries, proportional and progressive disarmament, and for all countries to reject war as a method to resolve conflicts. We want to create a consciousness of the need to repudiate all forms of violence.”

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence began as a project of the humanist organization World Without Wars. At this point in time, more than 2,000 organizations world wide are demonstrating their support for this valiant effort of hundreds of thousands of active organizers initiating activities throughout the globe.
Although the project was initiated in 40 countries, to date, activities are developing in more than 300 cities, in over 90 countries.

Endorsers for the march have surpassed 400,000 volunteers and include 200 universities and educations centers, and over 800 celebrities (Galeano, Chomsky), including more recently, Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar from Spain.

The presidents of Argentina, Croatia and East Timor have also endorsed the proposal, and new heads of state, including Evo Morales, are expected to endorse the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in the coming weeks. The Spanish Ambassador in Bolivia, Carmen Almendras, spoke during the presentation: “Bolivia is the first state to have a Constitution that rejects war as a way to resolve conflicts.”

Nuria del Viso, the main researcher of the Research Center for Peace (CIP-Ecosocial), Hernan Zin, war journalist and reporter, the cyclist Abraham Olano, singers Julio Castejon (Asfalto) and Teo Cardalada (Complices), and Javier Curruchaga gave their testimonies and encouraged everyone to support and spread the word about this proposal. “Our union defends freedom, and this March is about freedom and rights,” said Teo Cardalda. Javier Gurruchaga added his voice in asking the media to help in creating consciousness of nonviolence asserting: “A culture of nonviolence needs to be created. We must support this March.”

Pau Segado, the spokesperson of the Humanist Movement in Spain, expressed the profound meaning of the World March and the opportune moment in which this World March is happening. Segado reminded us that: “Not too long ago these objectives would’ve been dismissed as utopian or naive, but today they are being discussed and approved from city hall sessions to international organizations including the United Nations. A window of opportunity has opened in the midst of the most critical and turbulent situation ever. It is urgent and also necessary to create consciousness in favor of peace and nonviolence.”

Segado further added, “Everyone who endorses this March for Peace and Nonviolence has something in common,” said the humanist spokesperson, “which is that their support is born from a simple act that creates a consciousness in support of a dignified cause that they wish to share with others. We do not discriminate, nor do we set limits on anyone wanting to express themselves in favor of Peace and Nonviolence.”

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