SRI LANKA: Bitter end of a violent struggle for independence

18.05.2009 - Colombo - Pressenza IPA

A quarter-century-long civil war is coming to an end. Over 200.000 displaced in overcrowded camps, more than 70.000 people dead is the heavy burden of the Tamil struggle for independence in Sri Lanka.

With more than 77 million people, Tamils do not have a homeland, and more than 66 million live peacefully in India, in the Tamil Nadu state in the South Eastern part of India.

With a 2.000 year history, a common language and a three centuries old diaspora in Malaysia, Canada, South Africa and other countries, the chalenge for overcoming this episode appears to be a necessary path to be followed. Inspiring movements have arosen from the Tamil community such as the “Self Respect Movement”, which has the aim of achieving a society with equal human rights to all castes.

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