15.000 Youths Walk for Change in Canada

19.05.2009 - Montreal - Anne Farrell

These youths came from everywhere throughout Quebec, and were linked by the desire to positively change the world around them. Martin Neufeld, « The Hugger Busker », the Canadian candidate to be a marcher in the World March for Peace and Nonviolence was present at the event and offered several hundred hugs to the young people.

Laure Waridel, sponsor of the event and known for her commitment to the environmental movement thanked all the young people for their efforts for change. Charli Arcouette-Martineau, Roxane Bourdages, Mirianne Brûlé, Laurence Dauphinais, Eric Paulhus and Jason Roy-Léveillé, artists and actors who were the spokespeople of the event, were particularly proud and felt very touched to have taken part in the walk.

Categories: Nonviolence, North America, Peace and Disarmament


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