**World Without Wars** will hold protest actions in different cities and countries of the World on this 6th anniversary of a war that should have never begun. We protested then and today we do it with more strength and moral authority, considering the hundreds of thousands of deaths that could have been avoided, together with the suffering of a whole country that is still in a living hell.

In addition to Irak there is Afganistan, the Middle East and over 30 more or less declared wars. Many of us know the solutions with sufficient clarity; “withdrawal from the occupied territories, proportional reduction of conventional weapons and elimination of all nuclear weapons.”

But it’s not just the existing wars. In this time of generalized economic crisis, the belligerent groups that are losing world hegemony want to extreme the tensions taking them to the limit, as it happened recently with the invasion of Gaza. “Everything is prepared” for the utilization of “low impact” nuclear weapons in conventional conflicts, as some political leaders have confirmed. If we take this step we will have a scenario like the one in Irak but at a world scale.

As an answer to this extremely dangerous situation WWW has launched the “World March for Peace and NonViolence” that is on the way to becoming the greatest world manifestation in history in favor of Peace.

More than 1500 organizations from all over the world are endorsing this initiative. Among them Abolition 2000, Mayors for Peace, Global Security Institute, OPANAL, The Peace Foundation, Fundación Cultura de Paz, and also many personalities like the presidents Michelle Bachelet, Stjepan Mesic, Jose M. Ramos Horta, Nobel prizes like Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Desmond Tutu, José Saramago, Dalai Lama, intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Eduardo Galeano, Silo, and artists like Viggo Mortensen, Yoko Ono, Juanes, Lou Reed, Pete Seeger and Zubin Metha among hundreds.

The real way out is in the direction of non-violence. This means exploring to the maximum other alternatives like negotiation, agreement, dialogue and abandoning once and for all the use of violence and war. Each day more people are supporting this path. The nations will have to renounce war as a means to resolve conflicts. Then and only then, we will come out of the state of human prehistory in which we are still living.

*Rafael de la Rubia – International Coordination “World Without Wars”*