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UN Security Council Heads of State urged to “promote tangible steps” to a nuclear-weapon-free-world

With the upcoming special session of the UN Security Council on September 24 approaching, Abolition 2000 calls on world leaders, “to focus attention and promote tangible steps that would reduce the nuclear weapons danger, and move decisively toward a nuclear-weapon-free-world, based on the UN Secretary General’s five - point plan.” »


Mass meeting with Evo in Madrid

President Evo Morales visits Madrid in the next few days. Using this state visit, the Evo Welcoming Committee has organised a meeting with the President and thousands of Bolivians, Latin American immigrants and Spaniards, who will show their support for the Andean leader. This event takes place on Sunday 13, at 5pm, at the Cubierta de Leganés. »


Unacceptable Israeli´s Plan to build 455 flats in West Bank

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the Israeli plan to build 455 housing units in settlement blocs in the occupied West Bank is unacceptable. The plan approved by Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has the opposition of many countries. The proposal contravenes urgent appeals by the White House and the European Union to end construction of new houses in the West Bank. »


XXIst United Nations Conference on Disarmament Issues: main conclusions targeted reduction of the nuclear arsenal

From August 26 to 28, the XXIst United Nations Conference on Disarmament Issues - one of the most important forums for dialogue on nuclear non-proliferation - took place in the Japanese city of Niigata. “The Nuclear-Armed States must lead by example by reducing their nuclear weaponry”, stated Kanat B. Saudabayev, Secretary of State of Kazakstan. »


Insulza reiterates that elections in Honduras will only be recognized if Zelaya returns

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OEA), José Miguel Insulza, assured that the body would not recognize the electoral process proposed by the de-facto Government of Honduras. He stated that the elections would only be valid if the constitutional president Manual Zelaya were allowed to return. »


Zelaya to Meet Clinton in Washington

The ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya is in Washington, where he will meet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday. Zelaya criticized the Honduran coup regime for blocking his return and going ahead with an election campaign. Zelaya’s meeting with Clinton comes days after a State Department review advised that his ouster be officially declared a “military coup.” »


UN named Evo “Global Defender of Mother Earth”

The United Nations General Assembly awarded President Evo Morales a medal and scroll, naming him “Global Defender of Mother Earth". The ceremony took place at the Palacio Quemado, the presidential palace in La Paz. The honor was bestowed after the Bolivian president's tireless efforts before the United Nations defending the environment and natural resources. »


Noam Chomsky and Latin America: Excerpts of an Interview

Noam Chomsky speaks about the future and predicts difficult situations for China and India. On the other hand he analyzes the appearance of progressiveness in Latin America as very important. For the first time in 500 years, LA is moving towards a degree of independence and a kind of integration and also is beginning to face some of its massive internal problems. »


Nuclear Abolition Flame lit in Hiroshima – brought back to New Zealand

On August 5, Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey lit a Nuclear Abolition Torch from the Peace Flame in Hiroshima in preparation for its being carried around the world on the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. Mayor Harvey was in Japan for the annual assembly of Mayors for Peace – an international movement of 3000 cities calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons. »


US considers cutting off Honduras aid

US State Department advisers have recommended the removal of former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya to be considered a coup. If the Secretary of State follows the advice, the step could cut off tens of millions of dollars. Foreign ministers agreed not to recognize the result of a presidential election set for November unless Mr Zelaya is first restored to power. »


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