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Open Letter to Evo Morales about nuclear energy

  This letter was delivered to the Secretary of the Presidency of Bolivia on March 27, 2014. We are awaiting the response of President Morales and we will publish it as soon as it will arrive. Dear Evo Morales, First of all we would like to emphasize that those who sign this letter consider themselves to be friends of the Bolivian people. We applaud what your government has done over the years for the welfa ...

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Wave of Fukushima-based protests warn of ‘new age of risk’ for UK’s nuclear power stations

Opponents of nuclear power will be converging all over the UK next week to mark the third anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster  - and to highlight the precarious state of Britain’s own nuclear reactors. The recent spate of flooding has once again highlighted the vulnerability of the UK’s nuclear power stations. In particular, Hinkley Point nuclear power station is close to the centre of the recent ...

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PMANE – An Open Letter to the Mediahouses in India!

An Open Letter to the Mediahouses in India! The Struggle Committee June 16, 2013 People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104 Tirunelveli District Tamil Nadu Dear friends: Greetings! Please allow us to bring the following to your kind attention in the larger interests of our country, people and most importantly, our democracy and freedom. As the Fourth Pillar of our demo ...

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Statement on the situation on the Korean Peninsula

Statement on the situation on the Korean Peninsula Humanist Association of Hong Kong April 15, 2013 Press release The Humanist Association of Hong Kong notes with concern the escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula and is totally opposed to any state threatening another, especially when that threat involves the use of nuclear weapons. The implication that nuclear weapons can be used as a way of conduc ...

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Highly Enriched Uranium and the Production of Medical Isotopes

Weapons-Grade Uranium and the Hiroshima Bomb by Gordon Edwards, Ph.D  I and many others have long been opposed to the continued use of weapons-grade uranium at Chalk River. It is gratifying that the Government of Canada recently announced they will be phasing out the use of Weapons Grade Uranium at Chalk River in 2016, but even that is pushing the envelope. This practice should have been discontinued many y ...

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Nukes are never peaceful

FUKUSHIMA 2013 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE the video...   See Pressenza Events before... 9th March 2013 Time: 12:00 - 18:00 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Room Y409 Speakers: (1) A speaker from @3aKoriyama on the recent happenings in Fukushima and the current state of health of Fukushima residents with a special  focus on childre ...

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Japan appeals to India against nuclear power

Find out the reality of the Fukushima accident, stop oppressing your own people, and abandon nukes! Letter from No Nukes Action Committee: To Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Hearing that you would be visiting Japan from November 15 to 18, we are extremely worried that discussions are going to be held on developments in a Japan-India nuclear power cooperation agreement. We are strongly opposed to such an agree ...

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Australia’s best-known documentary film-maker, David Bradbury arrested

  Australia's best-known documentary film-maker, David Bradbury, was prevented by the Tamil Nadu Police from entering Idinthakarai. It is reported that he was stopped at Thomas Mandapam, a few kilometers before Idinthakarai, by the police and taken to Radhapuram Police Station. The detention is likely to have international ramifications given the stature of Bradbury as a film-maker "who will go to any ...

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