Ecology and Environment

18.11.2014 Tony Robinson

A nascent anti-nuclear movement emerges in Bolivia

A nascent anti-nuclear movement emerges in Bolivia

“The best way of liberating ourselves is also having nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” declared President Evo Morales of Bolivia on the 2nd of October in La Paz during his announcement that the highland area around the capital would be the home for a new nuclear industry. Having been aware … »

12.11.2014 George Monbiot

Interstellar: magnificent film, insane fantasy

Movies about abandoning Earth reflect the political defeatism of our age: that adapting to climate breakdown is preferable to stopping it By George Monbiot for The Guardian, Tuesday 11 November 2014 “It’s like we’ve forgotten who we are,” the hero of Interstellar complains. “Explorers, pioneers, not … »

06.11.2014 Human Wrongs Watch

Climate Change: Afghans on the Front Line

  Human Wrongs Watch By Joe Dyke, Mazar-i-Sharif, 4 November 2014 (IRIN)* – In northern Afghanistan, the residents don’t often use the phrase – most don’t even know it. But as they describe how increasingly extreme weather patterns are making their lives harder every year, they map out many of the … »



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