Face 2 Face with Dennis Redmond

In this show we speak with Dennis Redmond, coordinator of the Community for Human Development, about the April 8th “New York City Walk for Nonviolence.” The walk will wind through the streets of Manhattan, passing by some key nonviolence landmarks…

Face 2 Face with Pía Figueroa

In this special show recorded in Chile, we spoke with Pía Figueroa, co-director of Pressenza, about the new political landscape in Chile and about the new-formed Frente Amplio political coalition composed of left-wing and centre-left parties and movements. We also…

Face 2 Face with David Moscovich

On this show we speak with David Moscovich author of “You Are Make Very Important Bathtime” (JEF Books, 2013) and “LIFE+70[Redacted]” (Lit Fest Press, 2016.), a print version of the single most expensive literary e-book to ever be hacked.

Face 2 Face with Tom Cayler

On this show we speak with Tom Cayler, chairman of the Illegal Hotel Committee for Manhattan’s West Side Neighborhood Alliance. The committee works against landlords who push people out to convert their apartments into illegal hotel rooms, and thus decreasing…

Face 2 Face with Anaclara Valdes

On this show we speak with Anaclara Valdes concerning the challenges facing the indigenous community in Argentina. The Mapuches claim part of the Benetton-owned land as ancestral territory and the conflict has often erupted into large protests.

Face 2 Face with Georgina Bates

On this show we speak with Georgina Bates director and choreographer of “Somehow We End Up Here, Again”. Georgina collaborates with journalist Jihii Jolly, documentarian Diana Diroy, and others on a timely mixed-media dance theater work exploring life under the…

Face 2 Face with David Novack

On this show we speak with David Novack, documentary director of Burning the Future: Coal in America. This destructive practice, known as mountaintop-removal mining, has damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 miles of streams and threatens to destroy 1.4 million acres…

Face 2 Face with David Okada

On this show we speak with David Okada, co-President of the NY chapter of the Japanese-American Citizens League concerning the #SaveTuleLake campaign and the effort to have Fred Korematsu Day established in NYC.

Face 2 Face with Jim Costanzo

On this show we speak with Jim Costanzo of the Aaron Burr Society. Employing quotes from Mussolini, Hannah Arendt, George Orwell, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jim clearly illustrates the fascist underpinnings of the Trump administration.

Face 2 Face with Willa France

On this show we speak with Willa France concerning the significance of Trump’s “ban” on Transgender service members and continue the discussion with Willa’s relationship to poetry and writing.

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