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Silvia Swinden - Author of “From Monkey Sapiens to Homo Intentional: The Phenomenology of the Nonviolent Revolution” – Adonis & Abbey, London 2006. Pressenza London Editor


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. under investigation (and the dirt keeps on coming)

It started with the News of the World's royal editor and a private investigator who intercepted voice mail messages left for members of the royal household. Both men were jailed in 2007. Illegal voice mail interceptions apparently continued, implicating other journalists and staff. Now James Murdoch, Rupert’s son has closed the newspaper. »


Rupert Murdoch allowed to hold a huge stake in British media in spite of illegal and immoral practices

Last week it was announced that Rupert Murdoch would be allowed to own all of BSkyB, a large provider of TV and video. Now a series of reports of criminal and indecent journalism on the part of the “News of the World”, part of Murdoch’s newspaper group are coming out. Avaaz is campaigning to flood the BSkyB public consultation and stop the deal. »


Children contaminated in Japan whilst the UK tried to minimise the Fukuyima effect on public opinion

Japanese children have been shown to be contaminated with radioactive caesium just weeks after the government raised the acceptable level of contamination in schools which provoked angry responses from parents. At the same time it is revealed that the UK government attempted to minimise the importance of the accident in order to prevent a backlash against nuclear energy. »


Avaaz: “Let’s stand with Suu Kyi and the brave Burmese”

Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's movement for democracy in Burma is hanging in the balance this week, with the regime threatening a brutal response to her call to free political prisoners. Activists have appealed to the world for help, saying international pressure is crucial to tipping the balance. Avaaz calls people to sign a petition »


No sacred cows for the new non-violent revolutionary generation

While members of the Spanish 15M Democracy Now were attempting to demonstrate at Wimbledon where their beloved tennis hero Rafael Nadal was due to play, in Glastonbury U2’s Bono (“Saint Bono”) was being given a hard time by Art Uncut for dodging taxes by moving part of his huge wealth into a tax haven used by big corporations responsible for much of the poverty he criticises. »


Tel Aviv: Thousands of people rally in support of a Palestinian state. World without Wars and Violence marched with them

Thousands of people took part in a march in central Tel Aviv in support of a Palestinian state. The protest was held under the banner "Israel says yes to a Palestinian state." World without wars and without violence marched with them in support of active nonviolence as the only methodology than can truly resolve conflicts. »


London cheers up with non-violent, creative and good humoured pro-democracy Assembly and anti-cuts demonstrations

Trafalgar Square was the venue of a multitudinous Assembly, mainly of young people, inspired by the Spanish and Greek mobilisations demanding real democracy. At the same time UK Uncut carried out actions in defence of the health service inside and outside banks, to raise awareness about their role in the economic crisis used to justify the impending destruction of the NHS. »


The right to protest not doing well in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya….and Britain

Whilst protesters are shot at in demonstrations against long standing autocratic regimes in the Middle East the British style of avoiding protest and opposition during the Royal Wedding is simply to arrest people **before** they have the opportunity to express themselves. The few who did manage to stage small and peaceful protests are arrested for "Breach of the peace". »


Bradley Manning, is being subjected to torture. Avaaz is campaigning to end his inhuman treatment

Bradely Manning was arrested on the assumption that it was he who sent cables to Weakileaks whose disclosure led to the offensive against Julian Asange, director of the whistleblowing website dedicated to revealing secret information of public interest. Manning's treatment in the military prison is tantamount to torture. Here's the Avaaz campaign to stop this. »


Nonviolent demonstrators denounce tax avoidance by British firms (and get arrested for it)

During the March 26th demonstration in London a group of nonviolent protesters from UK Uncut occupied the Fortnum and Mason luxury store in Piccadilly to bring attention to it's owners tax avoidance strategies. In spite of their not causing any damage the protesters were arrested after being promised by the police they would not be if they agreed to leave peacefully. »


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