María Eugenia Vidal

Argentina: Cristina hands out the first ID cards under the Gender Identity Law

During the handover of the first identity cards under the provisions of the new Gender Identity Law, President Cristina Kirchner said that, “although we still lack a lot of social equality, today is a day of immense reparation for those who, like some of you here today, have waited for your rights to feel like free men or women to be recognised for 42 years.”

“A journalism which favours an equal, non-discriminatory, non-violent society is necessary”

Hugo Muleiro, a journalist, head of the editorial staff for ANSA news agency, specialising in news relating to infancy and adolescence, leads a programme on Radio de las Madres (Mothers’ Radio) and is a member of Comuna (Comunicadores de la Argentina). He agreed to give Pressenza an interview and told us what this new organisation is about.

Serious incidents reflect the marginalization of Belfast loyalist Protestants

On Monday night Ireland suffered the most violent incidents in a decade between Protestants and Catholics, who clashed in the city of Belfast some even firing guns, according to Irish police. In the images broadcast by television there were hundreds of youths throwing stones and Molotov cocktails in the Short Strand area.

Guillermo Sullings: “the World March is aimed at cultural engagement”

Guillermo Sullings, economist and spokesperson for the Humanist Movement in Argentina, spoke at the II International Conference on the abolition of military bases, held in Buenos Aires. He stated the main proposals of the World March for Peace and Non-Violence, which is passing through Latin America today, and referred to the role of international organisations.

Debate surrounds the selection of Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize that U.S. President Barack Obama recently received continues to provoke strong debate. Writers, ambassadors and institutions have opined on the controversial choice. What is certain is that, with this award, it is hoped that Obama makes a contribution to the strengthening of Peace in his country and in the world.