Francisco Javier Ruiz-Tagle

Chilean, author and graphic designer. Active and committed member of Universalist Humanism since its beginnings. Communications Consultant for the International Humanist Party in Chile and analyst of social reality.

The Forms of Power

In a result predicted by nobody, Trump won. The polls were wrong, as has become commonplace over the last five years, and the “most powerful nation on Earth” will now be governed by a multimillionaire, populist xenophobe – and all…

The Intranauts

By Francisco Javier Ruiz-Tagle It’s curious that the word in the title of this article doesn’t exist.  Other words have been coined like internaut, cybernaut, astronaut and Argonaut, but this word that might allude to a journey towards our interior…

Akhenaten’s syndrome

The dilemma of Progressivism Latin America is experiencing a very special time, as everyone knows. We had to bear for nearly 200 years the rigorous, systematic and often brutal application of “The Monroe Doctrine”, until not much more than a…

The new generation returns to battle

A social phenomenon exploded almost fifty years ago: young people began to make their voice heard and took control of the social space. Different cities witnessed the simultaneous uprising as this clamour became the visible form of the much-discussed Gasset y Ortega thesis on generational dialectics as the driving force of history with extraordinary empirical evidence.