Collettivo Rotte Balcaniche

We are an informal group of activists with three main aims: to directly support people on the move along the Balkan routes; to collect testimonies and write reports about police violence at the European borders; to mobilize public opinion about issues related to migration. With these aims, in the last three years we have been active in Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.Since 25th June 2023 we are active in the south-east of Bulgaria, near the Turkish border, in particular between the cities of Harmanli and Svilengrad. Concretely we provide to the people on the move clothes, food, drinkable water, basic medicines, hygiene and cleaning products. We also give the possibility to have a shower (also with hot water) in places where there is no running water, thanks to a self-built system.We will exist until the freedom of movement will be a right of everybody.

A tale of how Europe’s borders kill in silence and indifference

Bulgaria, per tutti i morti di frontiera.   At about 12 o’clock, the number of the collective receives the signalation of the body of a 30-year-old Syrian boy, H., who died during a game attempt near route 79. We have the…