Anne Farrell

Anne Farrell has received an award from YMCA-Canadá for her contribution to nonviolence

Attacks on Education Should Lead Security Council Debate

To view video feature (New York, March 7, 2014) The United Nations Security Council should emphasize the protection of students, teachers, and schools at its annual debate on children and armed conflict on March 7, the Global Coalition to Protect…

States Have a Responsibility to Protect Higher Education from Attack

[clear][divide] States must protect universities as spaces where professors and students are safe to teach, learn, and research free from threats to their physical and psychological well being, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) said in a…

Law outlawing civil disobedience disrupts Quebec students

In Quebec there are more than 200,000 students on strike – they are on strike saying that the student fee increase is stopping a lot of them access to college and university education. The students have been on strike for four months. The response of the Quebec government was to this day take Law-78 onto its books, to break the student union and to break the student’s strike.

African Humanists ‘catch em young’!

In an activity bringing a different viewpoint to bear on common situations of violence, CHERIF V. Abou, a Togolese member of The Community, is holding workshops through his region. His aim and the aim of the organisation is wider participation among the local schools. Without such endeavours young people just follow the usual system, thinking there is no other way.

The YMCAs of Quebec’s 2011 Peace Medals

The YMCAs of Québec is pleased to announce today the winners of the 25th edition of the Peace Medals.

In an emotion-filled ceremony held this afternoon at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Complexe Desjardins, at Montreal, all of the finalists who work to promote peace locally, nationally, and internationally were gathered.

Tahrir boat activists bumped back to Canada by blockade!

Pressenza spoke with Ehad Lotayef who was deported yesteday from an Israeli detention center to Canada. Lotayef was arrested with David Heap on the Canadian ship «Tahrir» on Friday
November 4th. The Israeli navy intercepted the ship about 35 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip in International waters. The Tahrir was part of a flottila to Gaza with the Irish Saoirse vessel.

Occupy Toronto firefighters protect aboriginal sacred fire

On Monday morning 3h30 am, the Toronto firefighters were called on Occupy Toronto site the St James Park and took a look at the small fire. The firefighters spoke to the people responsible for it, and decided not to extinguish it because it was considered a sacred fire and is being tended to by aboriginals around the clock.

Occupy Harvard

The students and members from different faculties currently protest at Havard investment policies and the polarizations perceived by the student in the economic courses.
According to students there is some lack in the policy proposals from the countries political leaders, democracy is ill.
On November 10, students gather and start the occupy movement in the Harvard Yard.

This fall take part in the World without Wars and Violence race challenge!

Thousands of students and pupils in education establishments around the world are preparing themselves for the “runthisway” project, a project getting people running to promote peace and nonviolence. Social movements around the world have sprung up this year and many have chosen non-violent means to achieve their aims. This initiative aims to support this trend.

This fall, take part in the world without violence and wars race challenge !

Where is our current society heading: as events escalate, as violence becomes more and more
globalized each day? Is there a way out?

In the last few years, we have seen new conflicts and new forms of corruption emerge, we have seen
ecological and financial disasters. Theses events are entertwined and cause rapid changes.

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