On Monday Prime Minister Trudeau will meet with Chancellor Scholz in Montréal to advance shared priorities, including Canadian support for Ukraine, protecting peace and security in Europe and around the world, and addressing the broader global impacts of Russia’s invasion. 

Pressenza Montreal repeatedly requested media accreditation from the media relations office of the Prime Minister, but didn’t get any feedback.

While in Montréal, Prime Minister Trudeau and Chancellor Scholz planned to visit Mila, to highlight Canada and Germany’s cooperation to advance the responsible development and use of AI. 

Mila is Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, which is recognized worldwide for its major contributions to AI. Mila focuses its mission on core research areas such as health, environment and climate change, and AI ethics. Mila extends its expertise and leadership in AI to deliver advances that will benefit all of society. Research carried out at Mila is conducted using an Open Science approach to promote collaboration and foster knowledge transfer.

These are the questions proposed by Pressenza Montreal if we have been able to participate in the press briefing.

Questions on Ukraine war:

  • The situation remains very tense around the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant. Millions of Ukrainians and Europeans live with the daily nuclear threat. Moreover, we are witnessing the worst-case scenario: Russians and Ukrainians accuse each other of launching attacks directly on the plant. Given the situation, and as responsible governments concerned about the well-being of the people, do you believe that it is time to change tactics and immediately demand a ceasefire, in order to avoid “possible” destruction of millions of people?
  • Do you think it’s time to demand Russian withdrawal from Ukraine ?

Questions on responsible AI :