Israeli conscientious objector Sofia Orr was exempted from service in the Israeli army after 85 days in military prison; Tal Mitnick was tried for a 5th prison sentence of 35 days, amounting to 185 in military prison

Last week, 18-year-old Sofia Orr, who refused to enlist last February, was released by the army’s Conscientious Objection Committee. The same committee did not release refuser Tal Mitnick, who was first tried in December 2023. Ben Arad, another Mesarvot network activist, has served 50 days in prison until now.

Sofia Orr said after her exemption: “I was released from prison, but this horrific war is not over yet. On the contrary – things are becoming worse. These long months in prison resealed for me the importance of empathy and humanity and strengthened my faith in equality, solidarity, and the need to reach a political solution. It is now more important than ever to fight for these values. I will continue to fight for them and for the release of my friends Tal and Ben”.