Parallel Realities

Over the course of the last ten to twelve months, I’ve had conversations with more than a few of my fellow Democrats (I’m still officially on the books as a member of the Democratic Party) about an array of topics. Most of the individuals that I’ve had these discussions with are intelligent, largely open-minded people, some of whom I’ve known and cared a lot about for decades. The majority of these folks are people I can talk to and listen to and have a gratifying exchange of ideas with on just about any topic. I have learned from these people. I respect these people.

There is, however, one set of topics that, if broached, generates a palpable state of shared confusion between myself and my aforementioned fellow Democrats. As if, when speaking about this set of topics, we each shift into different realities, into separate worlds. Cue Twilight Zone theme music.

The Intention of this Article

I won’t front: My intention is, firstly, to show that my fellow Democrats’ interpretations of events are heavily skewed by their unidirectional allegiance to the dictates of the current Democratic party. As opposed to my interpretations of said events which I believe to be somewhere between minimally and moderately skewed, being that I have, as a means of existential necessity, done away with these allegiances. Truth be told, all of our interpretations of “reality” are colored by our beliefs. I’m content to let our collective experience going forward be the final arbiter of the legitimacy of our (ultimately) microscopically tiny and inconsequential differences of opinion.

The second part of my aim in writing this article is the more important one. My second aim is to hurl out a kind of warning to anyone who is willing to look and listen.

It’s my strong belief that over the course of the next 6 to 18 months the vehicle that we call America is going to, necessarily, come to a fork in the road of its historical procession.. I believe that as we approach this fork in the road a definitively, collectively felt shakeup is going to occur. Simply put, this shakeup will produce a case of whiplash in those who aren’t prepared for it.

The Issue of Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline

In my opinion, President Joe Biden’s cognitive (and physical) decline is something that is actually happening and that has been happening for the better part of, at the very least, four years. Many of my fellow Democrats say they aren’t aware of this apparent fact. They claim that a combination of “right-wing propaganda” and computer generated shenanigans have created a false belief that Biden is mentally incapacitated.

As I type out this section of this article, I feel my cheeks beginning to heat up. I’m both embarrassed and perplexed by the idea that I’m going to need to include citations for those who say they don’t believe that Mr. Biden is mentally declining and well into a phase of noticeable cognitive decline. But alas: (1)(2)

The Democrats’ Ironic Fear of Another Trump Presidency

Seven or eight years ago, almost all of us Democrats were talking about the potential dangers of a Trump presidency. Topping the list of stuff we feared were things like: A) The possibility of Trump getting us involved in conflicts that might end up raising the likelihood of nuclear war/WWIII. B) The possibility that Trump would take away our rights, using things like government instigated censorship to marginalize, and in some cases silence his critics. We also feared that he might tamper with our right to free speech. C) The possibility that a Trump presidency might cause other countries to become alienated from us; that we might lose respect as a nation with Trump as a leader. D) The possibility that a Trump presidency would tilt the balance within the US economy in favor of the extremely wealthy, causing economic distress and crisis amongst the middle/working class.

Are you catching the irony contained in this section of this article yet? All of the possibilities listed above have become clearly identifiable, tangible realities over the course of the last three and ½ years under the leadership of the Biden administration.(3)


I know, you’re thinking, “Life has gotten kinda weird over the course of the last five or six or seven years. Things seem to keep getting weirder and weirder in a way, too. No more bad news, please!” I get it. I’ll say this: This article is just a preamble. I believe that a new era, a new paradigm is going to arise fairly soon. I’ll speak more about this in my next article, which will be entitled, “The World Is Pregnant”. For now though, on with the show at hand.

What’s Happening in Gaza Right Now

The US is and has been green lighting, funding and arming an obviously illegal (by every UN standard) mass-slaughter in Gaza for almost nine months.(4) Add to this that by engaging in this array of human rights abuses and war crimes, the US’ understudy, Israel, is both cutting off its future possibility of existence as a nation as well as alienating over 95% of the world’s population who are against the continuation of the extermination of the Palestinian population of Gaza.(5)

I’ve written two articles about the hell-hole that Israel is digging for itself.(6)(7) Israel, clearly, will not reach its purported main military objective in Gaza. A few of my fellow Democrat friends have countered this claim with, “The most important thing now is to eliminate Hamas!”. But Hamas, obviously, will not be eliminated by murdering and/or jettisoning the majority of the children, women and men in Gaza.

On the contrary, Israel’s unabashed mass war crimes, its attempt to dispose of the Palestinian population within Gaza, has generated a huge uptick of global support for the Palestinian cause amongst people all over the world. This uptick has occurred amongst a global population, many of whom knew little to nothing about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict before Israel’s mass murder campaign in Gaza began.(8) Not to mention the fact that 1 out of every 4.5 human beings on this planet is a Muslim. On top of this, Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries, some of whom are more than militarily capable of making life in Israel a living hell for its inhabitants.(9)

I contend that all of the above claims are easily grokked by anyone who has unclouded eyes to see and to look at the actual facts of the matter at hand. In my opinion, none of the above contentions are difficult to understand. In fact, they are all quite easy to understand. If one wishes to understand them, that is.

Hang in there, you’re about halfway through this article.

The Neocon Takeover of the US (Very Important)

Stay with me here. What follows is probably the most important slab of information to take away from this article. Even if you had trouble with the previous section of this article, I implore you to make an effort to at least take in and consider what is about to be said in the coming sections of this piece of writing.

A sizable change has taken place in American politics over the course of the last 15 to 25 years. An ideology that was previously held by a relatively small contingent of men within the US political sphere during the mid to late 1970s, the 1980s and the 1990s, has taken over as the central tenet of both of the current establishment Republican and Democratic political parties. This ideology is known as neoconservatism and its purveyors are called neocons.

Ronald Reagan Was Not a Neocon

Ronald Reagan was not a neocon, he was a neoliberal. In fact, Reagan was purported to have despised the anti-diplomatic, war-obsessed fundamentalism of neocons like Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.(10) All three of the aforementioned men believed in the absolute essentiality of: A) Establishing US hegemony via forceful infiltration and/or proxy conflict with all non-complying nations of the world. B) The revivification of the idea of a Russian threat, the propagation of a new Cold War as a means to garner public support for the continued eastward advance and expansion of NATO.

All of this is outlined in the infamous “Wolfowitz Doctrine” of 1992.(11) This doctrine, as of the Bush Jr. election in late 2000, has become the foreign policy Bible for everyone from Victoria Nuland (D) to Lindsey Graham (R) to Hillary Clinton (D) and Mitch McConnell (R), to people like Joe Biden (D), Mitt Romney (R) and Barack Obama (D), who have also, in order to survive politically, decidedly converted to the neocon ideology over the course of the last fifteen years. (12)

The Neocon Project is Dying and a New Multipolar Era Has Begun

A thirty-year long era is dying decisively as you read this; an era called the unipolar era. The unipolar era was a period in which the US could do whatever it wanted to whomever it wanted with little to no fear of repercussions.(13)

Whatever your opinions have been about the proxy-war in Ukraine, a clear victor is now in the process of emerging and it is not the US funded Ukrainian governing body and its military. (14) Maybe you don’t agree? Or maybe you have suspicions that what I have just proclaimed might be true, but you have reservations? All of this is fine and natural, considering what the Western legacy corporate media has been telling our little nook of this planet’s population over the course of the last two and 1/2 years. Within 6 to 18 months though, you will know exactly what has happened to Ukraine and to Russia over the course of the past few years.(15) Your seat-belt is on, I hope.

The Exposure of the US and NATO’s Precarious Hegemony

In short: Russia has definitively beaten back US/NATO forces in their attempt to economically and militarily debilitate her. In fact, Russia recently became the fourth most prosperous economy in the world (16), surpassing both Japan and Germany, whose economy was badly crippled in the months that followed the Biden administration’s ordered destruction of her (and most of Europe’s) primary affordable energy source, the Nord Stream Pipeline. Europe’s economy was severely damaged in the months that followed September 26, 2022, which is the day the pipeline was destroyed.(17)

The result of all of this has been the exposure of the flimsiness of the US’ hubris-fueled, war-generated global hegemony. Currently, 58 countries have applied to join BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) including Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Bolivia, Indonesia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Comoros, Gabon, and Kazakhstan. What is occurring now is the beginning of a mass exodus of countries that wish to escape the greedy grip of US dominance.(18)

By the way, all of this information is common knowledge outside of the relatively small Western media bubble that the majority of us have been getting the lion’s share of our American news from.

The Core Obstruction to Change

There’s no reason that we, the US, couldn’t begin to work together with the majority of the world who have recently decided to move on from the unipolar era. A new era, a new phase of global interdependence has begun and its member countries aren’t going to be bullied into submission anymore. The unipolar era is over. The multi-polar era is here.

If we, the US, somehow decided to, we could become an integral part of this change that is already well underway. We could shift from a position of violent hegemonic dominance to a position of cooperation with our seven billion earthly neighbors.

The problem, the core obstruction that is blocking this possibility is the American bi-partisan neocon agenda. What we are dealing with when it comes to career politicians and pundits like Lindsey Graham (R), Joe Biden (D), Mitch McConnell (R), Antony Blinkin (D), Liz Cheney (R), Victoria Nuland (D), Mitt Romney (R), Hillary Clinton (D) etc., is essentially a donor-dominated contingent of ivory tower neocon fundamentalists and careerist adherents who seem to be willing to stop at nothing, including instigating World War III, in order to maintain their positions of power. They see no alternative to global US hegemony and the perpetuation of the cash-cow that is the corporate military industrial complex.

Make no mistake, this is a thoroughly misguided, extremely dangerous group of people who seem to have no compunctions about instigating and escalating conflicts on multiple geographic fronts. All of their rhetoric and actions point to a desire for war with everyone from China to Russia to Iran, all three of which possess full nuclear strike capabilities.(19)

It’s Time to Move On

Among the current presidential candidates, both RFK Jr. and Cornel West have spoken about the absurdity and the immense danger of attempting to preserve the global American empire at all costs.(20) On the other hand, the Democrats in the Biden administration as well as the establishment Republican party have committed themselves to an ideology that allows for no compromise and no quarter, even if it means nuclear war.

My Democrat, Republican, Independent and other friends, we must now definitively  break from the madness of unbridled violence and perpetual war. It’s time to move on. Or else … whiplash … or worse.


I’m including here a list of alternative (to Western corporate media) sources of news and information that I have found to be consistently reliable over the course of the last three years:

George Galloway’s “Mother of All Talk Shows”:

Jeffrey Sachs:

Glenn Greenwald: 

The Duran: