The President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world, I don’t think anyone doubts that. Perhaps that status will be short-lived, but for now it is. He is backed by money, weapons, including nuclear weapons, and an economy that affects the rest of the planet. This president can intervene and even invade any country he wants and almost always succeeds. There are a few exceptions, starting with Vietnam, but come on, today it dominates the whole of Europe, which not so long ago was quite autonomous, and now even France grovels before the Yankee president. There is no need to dwell on this subject because everyone will agree, even if they do not admit it publicly.

There are now two candidates for next November’s elections, each worse than the other.
Trump is a raving lunatic, an unbalanced, vain and self-congratulatory man who is capable of pressing the bomb button the day he wakes up in a bad mood. His main supporters are Ku Klux Klan-style people.

Biden was Obama’s vice-president and that made him seem intelligent and even-tempered. But age seems to be eating him up and he is confusing names and countries. That would be the least of it because he has advisors and if he confuses Egypt and Mexico, the day he decides to bomb Egypt, the bombs will not reach Mexico because his advisors will quickly remove them.
The worst thing about Biden is that he is an old hypocrite and a liar, it is hard to understand how Obama appointed him vice president. Hypocrite and liar because he says one thing and does another, he says the bombing of civilians in Gaza must stop and the next day he sends arms and money to Netanyahu again. Biden could have stopped the massacre if he had stood firm, but he did not.
He refers to Netanyahu as Bibi, which comes from the ridiculous American custom of calling everyone, whether they’re presidents or important men, by the diminutive so you don’t even know their names. Jeb is Jacob, Joe is Joseph, Jack is John, Ted is Edward, and so on. If you look up on the internet who the current President of the United States is, you will get the answer Joe Biden, never Joseph Biden. This custom may be used in other countries by family or friends, but not officially. And will Biden be called Joe on the ballot papers? Probably, otherwise people might get confused.

In short, there is no choice between these two candidates, and why should there be if we are not consulted? But we should be asked because it’s everybody’s business who or what the President of the United States is.

Until recently, the polls said that Trump would win, but now, after the trial in which he was involved, he has lost a bit of support. And it’s not the only trial he has, he has many others. But it doesn’t matter, because according to American law, if a person has been declared a criminal, even if he’s in prison, he can be president of the country and govern from prison. And the Yankees don’t give a damn what people and governments abroad think: what do the French think, what do the Greeks think, what do the Mexicans or the Chileans think? These people don’t exist for them because they are poor people to whom they give money, support and defend against communism and terrorism, so they’d better shut up.

One of the most knowledgeable journalists on these issues, Alfredo Jalife Rahme, has argued in an article published in La Jornada de México, in his popular column Bajo la Lupa, that the two candidates are operating with very powerful support; that Joe Biden is supported by Georges Soros and that Netanyahu supports Trump. He also argues that the trial and conviction of the latter was organised and financed by Soros.

It is difficult to know what power Netanyahu, so criticised and discredited around the world, might now have, perhaps the Jewish lobby in the United States? I am not going to give my opinion on this, but neither should we despise what Alfredo Jalife says, he knows everything, everything.

I have no reason to insist on what I have said on other occasions. Do you realise, comrades, in whose hands our world is? People who want to give us all lessons in human rights, legality, democracy and morality, without having the slightest idea of what that means.