Under the slogan “Towards peace and a humane future for all”, an international event will take place in Reykjavik as part of the activities of the World Humanist Forum.

The Conclave, which will take place on Sunday 24th at the Icelandic National and University Bookshop, aims to engage in dialogue and generate input on various issues of paramount importance to humanity, with a view to international solidarity and the changes needed to move towards a dignified future for.

After the opening ceremony, led by Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, High Chief of the Pagan Society of Iceland, Antonio Carvallo of the World Humanist Forum organizing team, and Rafael de la Rubia, founding member of the organization World Without Wars and Without Violence, will comment on the key concepts of the Forum and the Third World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

This will be followed by a presentation of the themes to be discussed, with Atli Þór Fanndal, Director of Transparency International Iceland, on corruption; Cody Skahan, member of the Board of the Young Environmentalists of Iceland, who will give a first overview of the environmental and climate situation; and Guttormur Þorsteinsson, President of the Association Against Wars, who will speak on peace and disarmament.

Other speakers will include Sara Stef Hildardóttir of the Socialist Feminist Group, who will speak on aspects of feminism from a socialist perspective; Karl Héðinn Kristjánsson of the Socialist Youth of Iceland, who will speak on socialism; and Eygló Jónsdóttir, President of Sokka Gakai Buddhist International Iceland, who will introduce the topic of spirituality. There will also be a dialogue on migration and cultural diversity.

Hjalti Hrafn Hafþórsson from the Association for Democracy and Sustainability (ALDA) will help moderate the forum.

After the presentations on the different topics, participants will be invited to join the different discussion groups.

Finally, the conclusions will be presented and the Forum’s “No End Declaration” will be voted on.

The meeting, organized by the Humanist Party of Iceland together with the Young Socialists of Iceland in cooperation with the international news agency Pressenza and the Third World March for Peace and Nonviolence, is part of a series of Humanist Forums that will continue this year in Africa and Asia, and come together in a global forum next year.